Thursday, October 13, 2011

a little {self-promo}

Do you want to get married in Mexico? Specifically in Cuernavaca because of its amazing year round weather? Then there is only one place for you!!!

Check out the website for information and photos of the place...I promise you will fall in love with it! 

A little shameless self promotion never hurts, does it? lol. 

If you get married at EL CID, I'll even be your personal civil registry and immigration liason...since I consider myself somewhat of an expert in Mexican red tape, paperwork, and bureaucracy... :)

Seriously though, check out the place and let me know...what do you think of it??? 


  1. Wow this is beautiful. We are thinking of getting hitched sometime in the near future and we have started looking into some paperwork, but we are so far away from this gorgeous place. I am kind of dreading it all, well the paperwork part anyway, LOL.

  2. You can make it a destination wedding! :) Let me know if you need any help with paperwork or check out this post from my wedding blog from ages ago:

  3. Thank you so much, I will check it out and when the day comes let you know!!