Thursday, November 5, 2009

To New York and Back

Here I am again - back to the blog world! Though my absence was not due to lack of inspiration or sheer laziness; I was out and about living life in New York, New York...sigh...I have never lived in NYC, but I think this is why I appreciate it so much when I am there to visit. After two weeks, I came home exhausted - it was non-stop action - as NYC tends to be. But all of it all kinds of wonderful, exciting fun.

Trip purpose:

spend time with Mom and little brother - (check!)
walk, walk, walk the city - (check!)
enjoy the weather - (check!)
yummy restaurants and superb shows - (check!)
bridal accessories - (check!)
fit and bring home wedding gown - (check!)

Trip distractions:

shopping (check! - unfortunately)
shopping (check! - unfortunately)
more shopping...(check! - unfortunately)

How can you not shop in NY? I think someone should look into this occurrence and deem it an impossibility.

My first day consisted of re-bonding with the temperamental Miss Lola.

Although quite hesitant at first, she slowly accepted the fact that I would be squatting in her realm for the next few weeks...

There was a lot of time spent running errands (read: shopping *blush*) - mostly in the rain. But we were graced with a few of those incredible northeast fall days - and wow. Just walking around is simply enough.

the spectacular views

the fall colors

beautiful central park where we of course had to picnic
bryant park
i think Miss Lola and I became friends because I got the feeling she would not mind coming to Mexico

The grand finale of my little vacation was to figure out how to get my gown to Mexico. The thought of my gorgeous gown (because every bride knows that she has the most gorgeous of all gowns) all squashed inside my suitcase gave me the shivers. And not to mention the after thought that made me sweat cold - that there was the possibility that the suitcase may get L-O-S-T (Oh! The HORROR!).

So I decided to heed the advice of all the ladies at my atelier - just carry it on board. Como?

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! If you need to travel with your wedding gown, just show up with it on your arm at the check-in counter! No one says NO to a bride. This is probably because they would rather avoid the wrath of bridezilla; but there are some who are simply just excited for you - so for once they are nice (at an airport - imagine!?). In any case, people are understanding of the fact that you are on your way to your wedding - whether they are happy or sympathetic ;)

Most people have not traveled with a thing so huge - so try skip the "wait for your row to be called" business and get on board early enough that you can find space over head. Even if this means that you have to flirt with the guy in charge at the boarding gate. Althought this could be slightly strange considering you are on your way to your wedding.

But it works ;)

Attention future brides looking to marry in Mexico! You will be happy to know that you do not need to pay tax on your (one*) wedding gown OR any thing else considered a bridal accessory. So it's no big deal walking through Mexican Customs with a garment bag big enough for you to sleep in.

*It's one gown, because if you have two or more, then they assume you are trafficking wedding gowns. But if you really are getting married, then I will assume you only have one gown, right? At this point in life, you need to be certain of your decisions.

So here I am back in Mexico and time is ticking away! It seems that my journey through Mexican immigration policies and documents will come to an end this week. Por fin!

More to come as we get closer and closer...