Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall is here...according to the Pumpkins!

Mexico City went through a weather identity crisis lately...we went from super hot days to freezing temperatures overnight; I even bought S' first winter coat (that's how cold it got). Finally, though, the weather gods seem to be slightly more stable now. It's been a nice, fall, crisp-y weather for the last 2 weeks or so...which makes me happy.

What makes me even happier are pumpkins. They are everywhere now! I've been waiting for winter squash to be available so that I can make S his first pumpkin puree. Squash is supposed to be one of the first foods you give a baby, but since he started eating solids in the summer, he'll only get to try it now.

After my wallet-being-stolen experience at City Market, I headed over to Wal-Mart and found myself face to face with the biggest pumpkin display I've even seen. All kinds of pumpkins. All different sizes and colors. 

You must be thinking, this woman is obssessed with pumpkins! lol.

The other day while I was over at my friend and fellow mama B's house - I got inspired by her super cute pumpkin coffee table arrangement {I have to give credit where credit is due} so I decided to bring a little fall ambience into our home as well.

My coffee table has been naked as of late, considering S bangs, rips, and throws everything in sight {i.e., no coffee table books on the coffee table}. But the pumpkins are baby friendly! Somewhat.

A few have already suffered some minor bumps and bruises, including being victim to S' 4 teeth

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