Monday, October 3, 2011

Back with Bad News...

Go figure.

Yesterday we (gordo and myself) were in the car talking about blogs of all things, and the first thing out of my mouth was "It seems my blog is dying a slow death..." as I turned to see gordo vehemently nodding in agreement. {sigh} "What am I supposed to blog about? - I feel like all I do is change diapers and make baby food". Of course I knew the words I was speaking were a lame attempt at justification. Gordo on the other hand began to list a few topics that could be blog worthy...

And he is right, I do have things to blog about, just not enough time nor discipline to do so. Trust me, it's frustrating! I do want to share, but when I have those precious 10 minutes to spare, I need to take advantage and do actual work...not that blogging isn't work - it just doesn't generate an income - for me at least. 

So anyway, of all days to get back to blogging, I had to choose today with this story. Sorry dear reader, but I need to vent!!! 

MY WALLET WAS STOLEN! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 

At City Market, of all places!!!

As I was browsing the baby food section, some lady came out of the blue and asked me to help her read the labels because she didn't bring her glasses with her and she needed to buy food for her 7 month old grandson. While I was  stupidly reading away "platano, guayaba, pera..." some accomplice of hers snatched my wallet out of S' stroller while he was sleeping.

I feel SO dumb! :( Just goes to show you that you need to be vigilant everywhere, even the "nice" places where you think stuff like this wouldn't happen. My wallet didn't even have one peso in it, so I didn't lose anything of worth, except my time cancelling credit cards. It's just such a violating feeling to be robbed. I know whoever did it will not in a million years read this, but I hope karma comes and gets you!

Anyway, hopefully I'll be back soon with a more cheerful story. In the meantime, keep your stuff safe!


  1. That is awful, totally know what you mean about feeling violated!!! that lady is lucky S isn't big enough yet to put her on the deck ;)! So sorry to hear that amiga!!! on the upside, time to go wallet shopping?

  2. Sorry to hear about that. I believe in karma also and dont worry it will come back.
    Welcome back though!!