Saturday, May 9, 2009

(Sigh) Shanghai...

Today happens to be one those incredible spring (borderline-summer) Shanghai days that I love so much. You know what I'm talking of those glorious mornings where you wake up and you just cannot possibly fathom staying inside... After a morning of cleaning, we headed out for a lovely late lunch al fresco. Nothing is better than sitting in the sun with a cool breeze and the most refreshing, delicious, and crisp sauvignon blanc in front of you. At least for me anyway ;)

It's just one of those things that puts you in a
good mood with a perma-smile on your face and "life is just dandy" kinda feeling! Weather plays such an important role in our outlooks on life. I couldn't imagine living in a place where it is cold and rains all the time (my hair! - oh the horror!). The Finn in me doesn't play a role when it comes to dealing with harsh climates! I'm a tropical girl all the way.

I have a whole new found appreciation for
blue skies.

On a completely different note: the reason we got up early this morning was to make sure our house is spic and span in the hopes that our landlords will help us out and give back some part of the deposit. Well can I just say how freaking cool our landlords are!?!?!? They gave us back the whole deposit PLUS only made us pay half the month's rent. Woohoo! We are pretty good tenants and kept the place looking new, but this does come as a surprise. Just when you thought there aren't any decent people is full of surprises.

We are leaving in 4 (FOUR!!!)'s only starting to hit me now. Crazy new adventures are about to commence.

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