Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lasting Impressions

I know this is supposed to be all about Mexico, but since I am not quite there
yet...there is going to be lots of nostalgic tales and scenes as my last few weeks wind down in Shanghai. We got the chance the other day to visit the "Cuauhtemoc", the Mexican sailboat/naval academy (coincidentally), as it docked on Shanghai's shores for a quick visit.

While the boat in itself is majestic, the backdrop of the famous Bund and P
udong is hard to beat. Let's just say we had the best seat in town. These areas are considered quite touristy so we really don't come around here often...but jeez....when we do: it still takes our breath away. I'm sure you can understand why...

My gordo got a little inspired afterwards to take a few shots from our apartment balcony. This is what we see every night as we look out into the great maze that is Shanghai, Jing'An district

We take for granted sometimes that we live in this great big concrete jungle. Sure, we complain of the pollution, the noise, the congestion...but when the rare blue sky makes an apperance above, Shanghai is really a beautiful city that beckons you to come explore and get lost in its charms and contrasts.

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