Thursday, May 28, 2009

And so it begins...

Uffffffffffff! We finally made it to las tierras mexicanas. We arrived this morning before dawn and I'm already fighting the jetlag in an effort to try to get my clock set in motion. A little diffcult though when my body thinks it's almost midnight and has gone without sleep for nearly 24 hours. Anyway, used to it by now.

Just wanted to post this short note to say we made it across the pacific, a little bumpy, but we are here in one piece. The last 2 weeks have been crazy busy, I need to sit back and think about all that happened so i can make sense of it before writing anything down. But will do so soon :)

Regarding Mexico City: I don't have much to write about right this second, considering we have been here all of 5 hours, but i already had tamales, and i'm glad to hear that the tortilla lady next door is still around screaming tortiiiiiiiiillllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa at the top of her lungs. The neighbors dogs are there as well. And i'm sure the confused rooster will surface at about 4 this afternoon thinking it's dawn (maybe it has permanent jetlag!). Sigh. The welcoming sounds to confirm you are home.

There shall be no "settling down" activities this weekend. That will start monday. I'm off to Cuernavaca for a relaxing weekend with the familia.

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