Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm still here! [somewhat...]

I guess my resolution of blogging at least once a week was aspiring a bit too much.

With S now demanding so much more time and attention, the few spare moments I have left are used for basic life sustaining activities, such as eating, for example. Gordo said to me the other day, "be grateful breathing is involuntary...otherwise who knows when you'd find time for doing that!" Ufff.

How do all the other mommy bloggers out there find the time for posting!? Send me some much needed some tips! Gracias!


  1. I stay up way to late and blog instead of cleaning. My house is a wreak!

  2. Hey guapa! Congratulations again on your lil boy. Having a new born is amazing - savor each and every moment. At the same time it's important to have an outlet for yourself. I allocate 20 minutes of Daisy's nap time for bloggin. It feels so good to have my own project to work on. Good luck! Keep writing, I'll keep reading ;)