Monday, May 23, 2011

Measuring Time

We all know the sayings..."time just flies by", "where did the time go?", "time goes by so fast"...but why do we really say these things?

I used to say it because it usually meant that what I was supposed to do or awaiting an approaching event was now something I was actually doing or living, and maybe in some way I wasn't expecting to be doing it or living it as soon as I was. Does that make sense?

But really, how do you measure time? Number of experiences? Number of wrinkles? Number of places visited or things done? Number of achievements?

Today I measured time differently than I ever had before. Not just by reliving moments or counting experiences. By looking at it. Looking at my son.

S is 6 months old. Half a year. Wow. Of course my first thought was, "where have these 6 months gone?!?"

And then I looked at him. And those 6 months were there looking back at me.

In his smile and giggle.

In the hair on top of his head.

In his fingers that are always in his mouth.

In his toes that are always in his mouth too.

In him being able to sit up unassisted.

In him trying to crawl already.

In his inflamed lower gum about to sprout a tooth.

In him examining all his toys with utmost attention.

In his curious eyes.

And in every little thing he does every day to remind me of how blessed I am.

So there you go, the concept of time for me has changed completely and from now on will be measured in an entirely different way. Through S.

Can you imagine when I'll be saying, "where have the last 21 years gone?!?"


  1. What a cutie! He is beautiful. I measure time the same way. My little guy just turned 4, feels like he was a baby just yesterday

  2. Cute pictures. He is such a pretty baby.