Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seksi D.F.

On the way to the studio, my hands were sweaty and my heart was thumping just a little too fast with anticipation. I was en route to my very first pole dancing class. Ah! I can’t believe I just posted that on here! LOL.

It’s ok, I can write about it simply because it was absolutely fantastic!

A very good friend of ours, J., opened her own studio in the heart of the Condesa, where men are strictly prohibited and women are encouraged to let loose and let go :) I’m trying to find the right words to even do it justice…

Relaxed breathing like in yoga, combined with the powerful moves you find in pilates, all wrapped together by sensual dance movements. Granted, there were some basi
c movements that you have to learn as foundations. They are a teeny bit awkward at first, but once you stop worrying that you look like, your body embraces it’s movement and it just comes naturally.

There is such a misconception around this discipline. While most people almost immediately associate pole dancing with late night men’s clubs, dollar bills, and naked women; there is really so much more to it than that. OK, I will of course admit the dance IS sexy. But in a studio surrounded by giggling ladies all looking for a different, fun work-out experience, it loses all vulgarity.

Instead it becomes a powerful method of channeling your all your energy to make you feel confident and in touch with your body and its flow. I highly, HIGHLY recommend it. Check out their website for all the necessary information plus cool info about it all:

Yoni Shakti

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