Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Mexican Summer...

It happened last Saturday when, despite the marvelous weather of the city of eternal spring (Cuernavaca) has to offer, we decided to make our way back to Mexico City. So at some point in the early afternoon, with our head still a little blurry from the night before (*blush*), we hopped into the car and took on the highway. Now, summer time in Mexico is almost synonymous with thunderstorms. That I somewhat understand, thinking back to meteorology class in college and something about hot weather and evaporation and finally rain…can’t remember the specifics now ;)

But a HAIL storm in the middle of summer? Someone please explain. Up along the highway in the middle of the mountains, we found ourselves trapped within this dark menacing cloud that decid
ed to open up and pour buckets of ice cubes on all the poor souls (some on motorcycles!) coming from sunny Morelos.

I was so amazed I had to take a video for you to see:

Some cars pulled over on the side of the
road, simply because they probably couldn’t see 2 feet in front of them. We kept moving at a snail’s pace, but regardless I couldn’t focus my camera to well. I’ll explain though.

The white stuff on the side: ICE building up on the side of the ro

The out of focus red lights: the dashboard thermometer reading 2.5 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind, it’s SUMMER!!!

LOL. I don’t have much else to say about this natural incident, aside from the fact that Mexican Mother Nature keeps me on my toes.

So we cleared the hail storm and made it back into the city to set out on our original mission: to buy furniture. The absence of Swedish genius, a.k.a. IKEA, in Mexico is made up by the existence of BOSSA, gracias a Dios! And last Saturday they had a super sale! For all those modern, or so we like to think, young couples who cannot necessarily afford to decorate a house with the finest of Italian design, Bossa
has some great designs and ideas that come at affordable prices. So we went. We saw. We bought. Now we wait. For delivery. ;)

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