Friday, January 14, 2011

Cantinflas the African Grey Update {yes, I know, I am blogging about a parrot...}

I've been able to keep up with my weekly resolutions so's just that this week's task was all about auditing and the accounting of our company, and I highly doubt any of you are interested in reading about that! I wouldn't be...

But I do have other, more exciting news [to me anyway] to share :) Remember Cantinflas? He is our African Grey parrot who was supposed to settle in Mexico with us, but after endless attempts to get him across the Pacific, we failed. Not really because of the quarantine laws of Mexico, they are actually pretty maneuverable. It was because the airlines don't want the responsibility of taking on a parrot as pet cargo. I tried every airline possible and little by little became clear that it would be impossible

So then the dilemma was, what in the heck were we going to do with this parrot? Bueno, pues the stars aligned and before I knew it, my older brother J showed up at my Mom's house in Manila and offered to take the bird. Granted, I will say I was little apprehensive at first; I had already designed Cantinflas' cage in Chiconcuac and imagined waking up to him whistling on the weekends. But at this point I really had no choice in the matter, and at the end no one would do a better job of taking care of Cantinflas than J.

Thus we packed the car, bird and all, and trekked our way to Taal Lake, about 2 hours south of Manila to discover Cantinflas' new home - the yacht club J manages. And we were pleasantly surprised as you can see:

Cantinflas admiring his new view from his travelling cage
Different views of Taal Lake Yacht Club
His new friend Gaucho

The good news is that he has adapted super well! Who wouldn't want to live surrounded by lush scenery, fresh air, and an ocean breeze? He is talking, singing, and whistling more than he has in years. And he's looking pretty good too, don't you think?

Thanks to H. for these great photos!
So all ended well with the Cantinflas saga. Gordo and I just miss him dearly!

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