Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday is Market Day

I love Mexico.

Today I specifically love the Tuesday market a block from mi casa in the park of Colonia Acacias.

If you are in the need for an ego boost, this is the place to fish for compliments. With the vendors calling out "que quiere mi reina?" (what do you want my queen?) or "que mas linda?" (what else pretty lady?) - I guess it would make anyone's day a little brighter, no?

Not to mention of course all you get for 210 pesos (at today's exchange rate: exactly USD $16.30)...

I'm still traumatized by having paid $9 for 4 tomatoes once in St. Louis. To the point where it happened 7 years ago and I'm still telling the horror story. Case in point.

My tip for market shopping in Mexico: find the stall with the products that most suit what you need, and try to be loyal by always going back to the same one. In the Philippines we call it having a suki.

I swear it pays off! I feel like every week I go, I am paying a little less. And now I also get free cilantro.

How about that?

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  1. I never managed to get anything free from any vendors, but I didn't go every week. I just moved to a new neighborhood (Roma) and there's a Tuesday tianguis here -- hopefully I can find some new vendors and become a regular!