Monday, May 24, 2010

I shouldn't really make this a habit...

...only blogging once a month, that is.

April and May have been a blur, but now that I've managed to make it through the first trimester (yes! I am pregnant!), I promise to be better at posting! I need to get organized and back into my routine.

So I hope, dear reader, that you understand my absence. I'll be back though.

Here is the latest Estrellas del Bicentenario video featuring Yucatan.


  1. Jo! Congratulations! I'm so so so happy for you and Rodrigo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAA!!! a baby!!! that's fantastic! (where's the "excited squeal" button on this keyboard???)

  2. Hi Joanna!

    So happy for your and Rodrigo! Great blog, so informative! Gives me a deeper revelation about the country and its culture.

    Love the market posts :-)

    Stay well,