Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What did you get for Christmas?

Tengo que presumir unos regalitos. I guess the correct translation would be I have to show off a few presents - but somehow it doesn't sound as snooty Spanish!

As I sit here, my feet are all warm and cozy in a pair of fleece slippers that I've lived in since I got them on Christmas Day.

And TA-DAAA! I finally have an amazing, awesome, much needed, new camera thanks to my gordo! Yehay!

Much easier for me to handle around the city than his SLR. Safer too.

Uff - this was another great gift too:

We finally have our very own Girolle! YUM YUM YUM. We promised each other healthier eating in 2010, pero ni modo, tĂȘte de moine will be part of my life forever. Now it's just a matter of saving up each time for it - at $650 pesos/kilo, it's a small luxury.

For this last Christmas 2009, my gordo and I decided that to help make our lives easier, we would each come up with a WISH LIST to give the other. Sounds fairly straightforward, right? Right, so we decided on a budget and agreed to get back to each other within a week.

7 days before Christmas in the car driving around Cuernavaca:

Me: Do you have your wish list ready?
Gordo: Yes.
Me: Ok, you go first.
Gordo: I want boxing gloves; I'm going to join the gym in January and I need gloves. But they have to be Cleto Reyes gloves.
Me: (?!?!?!?-Who is Cleto Reyes and where will I find his boxing gloves?) Um, ok.
Gordo: I also want an iPod. I've never had my own iPod. I've always used yours.
Gordo: A PlayStation 3 would be pretty awesome too.
Me: Wait, wait, am I supposed to stick to our budget and buy all that at the same time?
Gordo: Bueno, that is why it's called a wish list, it's supposed to be items you wish for. A stretch.
Me: I know, but I thought we were going to be realistic so the other could actually buy what is on the list.
Gordo: Ay, dream a little. Your turn.
Me: Um, ok.
Gordo: What's on your list?
Me: I want pantuflas.
Gordo: Pantuflas.
Me: Si.
Gordo: Your number one wish, longing, and desire this Christmas is a pair of house slippers?
Me: Um. Yes.
Me: But since we are wishing, I'd also like a designer handbag.
Gordo: Aha!

And thus, my feet are warm...

...and I hope my gordo doesn't come home with a broken nose!


  1. I love it. My husband and I had the exact same convo, except we stuck to the budget. I think it's more fun to dream and ask for a designer handbag. :-) Also: I got a camera for Christmas too, woo-hoo! But it was an SLR, not a point-and-shoot. I've been taking lots of fun food pictures at the house.

    Speaking of which, I want to try this cheese you keep talking about. Where can you find it?

  2. awesome present! :) we also had to stick to the iPod and PS3 will have to wait. hahahaa. and my handbag too.

    city market for the tete de moine!!!