Friday, January 8, 2010


Residents of Mexico City have been warned that tonight's cold front will drop temperatures to 3 degrees Celsius during the early hours of Saturday morning.

Officials are urging the capitalinos to dress warm and take caution. Schools today registered high rates of absentees. The traffic is noticeably less chaotic. People are staying indoors to keep warm.*

*which is almost pointless considering 99.9% of housing in Mexico doesn't have central heating.

As all this happens, I think about my brother, who this morning walked to work through the snow in -4 degree weather...and of my Mom sitting in Finland with my grandparents enjoy the -20 degree freeze.

Everything is relative.

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  1. WOW that is really cold for the Mexicans, they can't handle it! The homes are not made for it. Yes I am sure people in Finland are so used to it, likewise are the Americans who live in the north, it is -5 right now C, where I am and it can get much worse so it is ok. But after coming from Mexico it gets very cold! It is all relative, you are right! But thank god we have heat, and houses built for the cold! In Mexico they do not! So hang in there, it must get better soon! Good to know it is cold I am coming back in 3 weeks! I guess I need warm clothes!