Monday, September 28, 2009

My Country...My Home in Need

It is always absolutely horrifying when natural disasters hit. And almost always, those people who already go through daily struggles are the ones most affected.

We all see the horror people go through around the world, whether it be from natural disasters or as a result of wars. Though we feel compassion for them, it is even more heart wrenching watching it happen to the people you love.

Manila suffered the brunt of Typhoon ONDOY (Ketsana) last Saturday, September 26th 2009. In six hours, buckets of rain fell - almost the same amount the city averages for the whole month of September.

According to the Philippine Inquirer: "The 15th weather disturbance that hit the Philippines in 2009 dumped a total of 455 millimeters of rain in Quezon City [Manila] alone in 24 hours, compared to the 250 millimeters of rain that Hurricane Katrina brought to New Orleans in Louisiana in the United States in 2005."

I don't use this news snippet in any way to marginalize what happened in New Orleans - it was just as devastating and heart breaking - but I do use it to highlight the severity and magnitude of this latest natural disaster to hit the Philippines.

I feel completely useless watching the news and reading articles from the comfort of my home half way around the world. I hear of friends and family helping, donating, taking action - everything I wish I could do for my fellow kababayans (countrymen).

Since I can't help physically, I hope that spreading the word in this manner can be my way of chipping in. We all need to be aware and help in any way that we can...

*I don't know who I should give credit to for these photos, but thanks to Kathy E. Zablan for compiling them in an album on Facebook*

If anyone wants to help financially, there are a lot of websites accepting donations, and it's a relatively easy way to make sure your money gets to where it needs to go.

Ayala Foundation
select either "AF-USA Typhoon Relief Fund" OR "Philippine National Red Cross"

Philippine Aid

ABS CBN Foundation

Kapuso Foundation

y al final...prayers. It is one of the most powerful ways to help people make it through.

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