Friday, June 26, 2009

Stepping outside...

It's stressful looking for a place to live. And sometimes this stress can completely engulf you and lead you to make rash decisions - you just want a place NOW! so anything will do. Ok, well not anything; but the desperation to finally have a home leads to some not so well calculated decisions. I'll give you an example - I lived in one apartment with a bus stop outside my bedroom window. It never would have occurred to me that this would have been a big deal. But after the first few mornings of waking up at 4am to the sound of the bus-route recording as commuters got on, I thought to myself - how could I have not forseen this would be a problem?!

So now, I take my "neigborhood scouting" very seriously. It's great to have a super apartment in a cute building - but all we have to leave our havens once in a while, and it's highly important to like what you find when you step out the front door.

Yesterday I decided to walk around our new realm to see what is in store for us...and I was quite happy with my findings :)

Cute little park for when we have our cute little dog - eventually.

The convenience of Starbucks, a deli and wine shop, drycleaners, and bank HQ is a total plus!

Not to mention the metro stop and newspaper stand.

A lovely perk is freshly squeezed orange juice right around the corner and yummy queso Oaxaca (string cheese).

And then of course, as in every big city, but most especially in Mexico, there are those random street vendors you find everywhere selling things you never thought you needed - but maybe can't live without...:)


  1. Cool! I love the productos Oaxaqueños stands. Drycleaners and wine stores are also key. (Although we don't live near one, and so we truck to Condesa to get the good stuff.) Looks like you've found a great neighborhood!

  2. It's all good especially the park for the dog and the Starbucks! Lucky you!

  3. For me, being near the tianguis and supermarket are key. One thing we didn't do when we got our place was to check the traffic during rush hours. Now we live with the noise of traffic almost all hours of the day but especially during rush hour.