Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Battle of the Bacterias

I have always thought very highly of my stomach.

Growing up in Manila, I've most likely been exposed to countless bacteria found in food. I would rather not think about what it is I ate that may have contained these creatures - but in some weird way, I would like to express my gratitude for their contribution in making my stomach highly resistant.

When traveling, I usually pack my first aid kit with the typical meds for the most common body ailments: headache, sore throat, runny nose...etc. BUT hardly ever do I bring anything for an upset stomach. And so far I've survived eating street food and drinking tap water without any adverse effects.

Lamentably, the boot camp my stomach went through all these years have proved not sufficient to combat whatever it is that found in Mexican cuisine...I can't pin point what exactly triggered it - I think it was more of an overload of everything I've stuff into my mouth over the last week.

Of course being sick would not be complete without the beloved Mexican home remedies. I started with te de manzanilla (chamomile), caldito de pollo con arroz (chicken soup with rice), atole de arroz (type of rice pudding), and this morning I was supposed to have a tamal dulce.

In other news...the search for our apartment continues. I can't wait to have our own place and to discover a new neigborhood so I can share more stories.


  1. Sometimes when I go to the US I get sick because I am used to the bacteria here in Mexico and I go to Hong Kong a lot. I almost never take anything for it, just let it pass through. Gross, I know except the natural remedies you are using sound fine. Your story is so interesting. I would love to read about your travels; living in Shanghai. Wow. That's interesting. Good luck with the search Joanna!

  2. Hi Joanna!!!

    Welcome to Mexico :), I´m From Mexico city, and your blog interested me soooo much! I want to go and live in Shanghai next year, so I´m trying to find out as much as I can about the life, the food, the place everything!!!

    I will be following you! I think you have many things to tell about discovering Mexico and all those years of being nomad!

    kiss and i will be following you! aaah if you need a friend in the city I´m here!

  3. lol ignore the second i will be following you! hahaha