Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Mom bought this orchid way back in November 2010, before S was born. It was in full bloom for months, but eventually each flower faded away...at which point I sort of stopped caring for it.

I could have sworn it was dead, but the last time my Mom was in town, she patiently gave it some TLC...and revived the darn thing!

The first 3 of 12 flowers opened yesterday and I'm sure it will be in all its splendor by the time my Mom arrives in a month.

Isn't it amazing? Seeing this in my living room every day just makes me happy!

Some orchid caring tips (this is what my Mom does):

- place your orchid in a place away from direct sunlight, but preferrably in a sunny room.

- do not overwater your orchid, you don't want it to drown. follow the next tip for watering suggestions.

- every 10 days in the summer (every 15 days in the winter), soak your orchid in the kitchen sink for 20-25 minutes. this means filling up the sink so that the whole pot is submerged in water.

- make sure that the moss, soil, and roots look moist at all times. 

Good Luck! :)

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