Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Made Muffins!!!

This is totally not a {food / cooking / baking} blog simply 'cause:

1. I never have a camera around while in the kitchen.
2. I usually don't follow recipes, so when the time comes to explain what goes where, I rarely remember. 
3. And really, I rather leave the food blogging to experts like my amiga at aromasysabores

BUT ~ today I was inspired by some overripe bananas sitting on my dining room table and thus commenced my baking adventure at high altitude. 

Gordo just had one and totally approved!!! 

Since this experience went well, I'm back on par after my brownie disaster (you are really better off not knowing about that one). At this rate, maybe I'll be inspired soon again.


  1. nice work! *clap clap clap* I find rotting fruit is always the best inspiration. :) If you ever end up w/rotting mangoes AND bananas, I just made this recipe on Friday & they turned out great: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Mango-Muffins/Detail.aspx

    I just put in a little less oil & baking soda for altitude...and left out those dirty raisins. (personal preference!) :)

  2. Querida! pero si esos muffins se ven divinos!.

    Maybe you should share that recipe with us, even if finding Mexico is not a food blog (please, please, share the recipe!!!) :-D

    besitos y gracias por la mention


    ps a comment to Julie: to clean those dirty raisins try soak them in boiling water or rhum for 5 minutes and drain.

  3. Julie, thanks for that recipe! I will try soon ;)

    Amigaaaaaa: aqui esta:


  4. haha Heidi-- they weren't dirt-dirty raisins... I just don't like 'em. :)
    Thanks for your recipe as well Joanna!